Order a realistic dinosaur costume USD $4,999 Shipping Included


  • Built-in Pin Hole Camera on nose with interior flat screen color monitor
  • Internal Speaker with high bionic sound
  • Neck movement: up and down, left and right, rotate
  • Mouth open, movable tongue
  • Blinking eyes
  • Mini Fan for internal air circulation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Silicon Rubber Teeth (safe to bite and play around people)
  • Removable tail for more convenient transportation and storage
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Synchronized sound


Dinosaurs HAVEN'T DIED OUT, they are everywhere around us from commercials, toys, movies like jurassic park  to or  dinosaur parks. children are appealed to animatronic dinosaurs, realistic dinosaur costumes to reveal their:


  • Curiosity

  • Interest in learning knowledge

  • Imagination

JB Dinosaurs brings dinosaurs back to life. Our goal is to create world-class and most interactive animatronic dinosaurs. Each dinosaur is made based on archeological findings and aesthetical imaginations as well as combined most advanced techniques and the finest art designs. Our talented team has continuously proven strong expertise and responsibility, we have always done rigorous research, professional design, fantastic sculpturing, and repeatedly product tests in an effort to provide our customers the dinosaurs they want. You imagine it, we create the dinosaurs for you. 

We have been actively working with our clients around the globe, some achievements we have made so far in overseas markets include Planet-Dino in Amneville, France, and Field Station:Dinosaurs in Secaucus of New Jersey, United States, are all grand dinosaur exhibitions, which have attracted numbers of visitors. We are most proud of the world largest Argentinosaurus we have ever made for Field Station: Dinosaurs, that is 30m long which can be seen from the Empire State Building. Moreover, an animatronic dinosaur puppet we designed to a film project "First Prize" was a semi-finalist for the Student Academy Awards in 2014. 

At JB Dinosaurs, you can have any dinosaur species you want, we have confidence in bringing you the dinosaurs you want.

Contact us now, we have both animatronic dinosaur for sale and realistic dinosaur costume for sale.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume For Sale NOW

Realistic Dinosaur Costume for Sale


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  • Realistic Dinosaur Costume