The production of dinosaur could be any species. You are welcomed to customize any animatronic dinosaur based on your preference. even some dinosaur species are rarely found. You just tell us the name of dinosaur, size, movements, skin colors as well as its posture, we always can create it for you. More simpler way is to send us a drawing or a picture of the dinosaur, and we will bring it to life. Check out the pictures below, on the right side is our production, and the pictures on the left are browsed from online source.

What Is The Price of An Animatronic Dinosaur?

How We Make An Animatronic Dinosaur

What Dinosaurs Are Available?

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In order to meet different budget of our customers, we offer different systems of dinosaurs:

  1. If your budget is small but still planning to have some awesome animatronic dinosaurs, the basic system is the right one to choose. Animatronic Dinosaur is easy to be set up by plugging in electric power, the number of movements can be designed as many as it can. The biggest drawback of basic system is that DC motor and brush motors are used, the motors may not last up to years, but it may requires new replacement of motors within 2 years normally caused by different factors. In this case, there will be a learning curve for you to handle the problem and replace the motor properly. We will send you new motors and other replacements with no charge within 2 years warranty period.​  
  2. ​Upgrade system of animatronic dinosaur can do all things of the basic one is capable of doing, but it comes with even more features such as human movement tracking capacity, multiple sounds (to reflect different emotions and the personality of the dinosaur), and remote technical assistance to diagnose and troubleshoot the software part of an animatronic part. Most importantly, we will be using stepper motor or/and pneumatic cylinder to make dinosaur move, stepper motor has more precise positioning on movement and will not be burned out, so you don't need to worry about replace motor (What a great news here!).

Find more difference between two systems to see below chart:

Art Sculpturing

Animatronic dinosaur is not only about entertainment and education, but also it is a fine-art display. Except revivifying skeleton on the basis of dinosaur fossil, the sculpturing of dinosaur also are added some later imaginations of the designers.We reference the literature about dinosaurs to study the attributes and lifestyle of certain known dinosaurs. Each dinosaur is fabricated in a reasonable way to make biological sense, our art designers have profound knowledge about the body shape and muscle structure of each dinosaurs, the skin texture and muscles of the dinosaur is also carefully crafted by our artists’ hands.The dinosaur’s skin (waterproof) is made up of silicon rubber in order to strengthen the realistic touch of dinosaur.

All our design is proportional to the biological structure of original dinosaur bones and skeletons. As our client, you don’t have to be very familiar with the biology of dinosaur, we do the study, you simply tell us how the dinosaur looks like in your mind, we will bring you the dinosaurs you imagine. Animatronic dinosaurs is fabricated by world leading technology. Bold colors and theatrical touches, along with state-of-the-art electronics, make them seem real. 

Solid mechanical design creates more dependable product that will satisfy client's needs about the types of motions and the range of motions on dinosaurs. Through mechanical design, the engineer can fabricate the tramission and the linkage appropriately, improving the certainty that how much force is applied at the joints for a particular motion. 

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

  • stable performance, user friendly
  • strong anti-interference capacity
  • Remote assistance via internet connection
  • a wide range of operating temperature: -29℃ - 50℃ (-20℉-122℉), the external semiconductors will start to heat the control box while the actual temperature goes below 0℃

In addition to the difference of animatronic system, your request on the size, movements, posture and colors of the dinosaur also affect the production cost of an animatronic dinosaur. If you'd like to talk with us about your project and ask for a price quote, please contact us now.

Human Movement Tracking Capacity

The bionic fluidic muscle and multi-sensing technology we apply can follow a moving target automatically in accordance with the human body movement. This feature enables both dinosaur's head and body to move towards the direction where the audience moves while the audience stands in front of the dinosaur. If audience moves from left to right (take dinosaur as the first-person perspective), the dinosaur will move from left to right, vice versa. Watch the video here to see how animatronic dinosaur interacts and tracks people's movement.