From manufacturing to shipping

Field Station: Dinosaurs team describes and colors up skin patterns, shows its posture.

Parasaurolophus model designed by JB Dinosaurs team

10m Parasaurolophus

JB Dinosaurs Team had actively worked with Field Station: Dinosaurs to design, produce and maintain 32 life-size dinosaurs through the planning stage of the project until now. Each dinosaur was elaborately fabricated in terms of the requirements by Field Station: Dinosaurs team, from sizes, movements, colors were all customized.

Field Station: Dinosaurs is an outdoor prehistoric theme park at Snake Hill in Secaucus, New Jersey that is designed to resemble a dinosaur dig site within the first few weeks of a discovery.The exhibition features a walking tour with 32 full-size animatronic dinosaurs, along with interactive exhibits designed to educate children about dinosaurs within the context of the local ecosystem. It opened in 2012 under president and chief executive producer, Guy Gsell,a lifelong dinosaur enthusiast. In 2012 it was named Best Local Theme Park by Time Out New York and in 2013 Field Station: Dinosaurs was named the second best dinosaur theme park in the world. (WIKIPEDIA) It is named one of the largest Dinosaur Themed Park in the world.

Animatronic Dinosaur Project for Field Station Dinosaurs in US