A  walking dinosaur costume will make your event fresh and successful!

Reaslitic Dinosaur Costume For Sale Now

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Dinosaur Costume

A T-rex costume Is Going to Parties


"hi we now have dinosaur it looks very good!"------ Jason Hall from United Kingdom

One T-rex costume is shipped to our customer from North Carolina, United States  05/03/2016

Custom made realistic dinosaur costume starts from $2,998, a feathered walking dinosaur costume is $3,598 only .

Worldwide shipment, ask for a delivery to door.

    SPECIFICATIONS of Dinosaur Costume:

  • Weight: around than 30 KG
  • Dimension: 4m long
  • Materials: Stainless steel, silicon rubber
  • Production time: within 15 days after order
  • Suitable for 1.55m to 1.90m Performer
  • Shipping method: air freight and ocean freight
  • Shipping fee: varies from country to country. Best shipping rate is guaranteed.
  • Shipping time: upon shipping address
  • Packaging detail: plywood box (2.6mL* 1.2mW * 1.0mH)


    - ​50% of product price is required as upfront       deposit to start new production

    - the rest 50% and shipping fee are paid              upon the final inspection of finished product      and before shipment


"I just received the Utah ratpor costume yesterday afternoon and am completely in awe of it's fine work. Everything is working and looks great! Thank you so much for all your help and this fabulous work. My daughter loves it, and cannot wait to begin filming in the Spring! Simply amazing!"------ Mark Wertman from United States

T rex costume

Dinosaur Costumes were painted in crease washes to reflect more realistic skin color. We're shipping our dinosaur costumes worldwide, submit an order form now to get your dinosaur costume today!

A T-rex costume

Heading to Theater in Poland 


"Good news! The T rex costume arrived today! We opened it up and were amazed at how good it looks. It is exactly what we wanted.
We have a professional puppeteer coming in tomorrow to test it out and rehearse with it." ------- Ben Rubbin, Executive Producer of First Prize

Dinosaur Costume


Premium Painting



"Just to add I love the rest of the dinosaur costume and the build quality is amazing! I did my 1st event on sat it was brilliant thank you very happy"------ Simon Sands from United Kingdom

Actual Production


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A final video composed during the production and upon the completion to show buyer all comprehensive movements a T-rex costumes can do.

A custom made T-rex costume is in motion, this final video is sent to buyer for a final review before shipment. The production of this dinosaur costume is following the provided picture by buyer.

This is dinosaur costume will be delivered to buyer's house located in Chicago, U.S. in next 40 days.

Dinosaur Costume For Sale Now

Read more about our T rex costume in film First Prize

We developed a new movement body moves left and right for this dinosaur costume. As a result, the future dinosaur costume will have a greater motion range.

Target Picture

Target Picture

A Final video of finished dinosaur costume to buyer's inspection before shipment.

realistic dinosaur costume

Professionally Made

Feathered T rex Costume


the Dinosaur Museum in Canada

A final video is always provided before shipping out the dinosaur costume to our customer, the purpose is to have the buyer to check again if the walking dinosaur costume is made as requested.

Target Picture


     KEY FEATURES of Dinosaur Costume:

  1. Built-in Pin Hole Camera on nose with interior flat screen color monitor
  2. Internal Speaker with high bionic sound
  3. Neck movement: up and down, left and right, tilt, rotate
  4. Mouth open, movable tongue
  5. Blinking eyes
  6. Movable tongue
  7. Mini Fan for internal air circulation
  8. Rechargeable battery
  9. Silicon Rubber Teeth (safe to chill with people)
  10. Removable tail for more convenient transportation and storage
  11. Synchronized sound to mouth movement
  12. Head: move downward and upward
  13. ​Body: move side to side

We do more than T-rex costume, we changed to use more advanced electronic system inside the costume, including louder sound speaker, multi dinosaur sound effects, HD color monitor screen and larger capacity battery. 

An adult dinosaur costume T-rex costume for a U.S. customer


Actual Production


JB Dinosaurs Creates Most Realistic Dinosaur Costume T-rex Costume

in Film Frist Prize

An Utah Raptor Costume


in Filming Purpose

Each adult dinosaur costume is custom made in your preference, you are welcomed to order T rex costume, raptor costume, or other type of dinosaur costume. We basically can make all types of dinosaur costume for you as long as it's two legs. Our design and production also is tailored to make dinosaur suit fit into different costume performers. You will give us information about main performer's height, foot size and body weight, we will take account the performer's body information into actual production. Dinosaur costume is around 30kg weigh, it is wearable for women and men,

Take a closer look into our adult dinosaur costume from real pictures:

Target Picture

adult dinosaur costume

This is the finished dinosaur costume video sent to the buyer for a final review before the raptor costume is dispatched.


"Hello,thank you very much for the pictures, the dinosaur looks great !"------Katarzyna Wójtowicz from Poland.

T rex costume

Worldwide shipment, ask for a delivery to your door

start from $2,998 only, the feathered dinosaur costume is $3,598!

The first Spinosaurus dinosaur costume we have ever made ordered by a a non-profit organization TOMVO in New York Area, United States that "provides crisis intervention services to children who have been impacted by extensive abuse and/or neglect". 

adult dinosaur costume
t rex costume


A T rex costume comes back to life - we always encourage our customer to customize each dinosaur costume with his own idea and imagination in order to deliver audience a unique impression. No exception, our customer Jessica from Kansas, United States sent us a picture of T-rex (see below "target picture"), yes, she was asking for a menacing T-rex costume and showed us what she wanted. 

A Custom-made realistic dinosaur costume T rex costume going to Party

​ 01/20/2016

We Do More Than T-rex Costume


realistic dinosaur costume

Actual Production